Why Free Web Hosting?

In this age of the internet where everyone is encouraged to have a voice, businesses and startups are advised to have an online presence that is professional and goes beyond having social media pages, web hosting is becoming a term not restricted to techies and nerds.

Some service providers have leveraged the army of internet users seeking for homes and storage spaces for their websites and blogs by providing such. But unlike real estate agents, they provide these homes and storage spaces free even though with limited services that can be upgraded with cash.

Free web hostingSo free web hosting is important for individuals or companies starting out so they can test the waters before increasing their online budget.

Depending on what you want though, WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Godaddy.com, Wix.com and Hostgator are few of several web hosts who provide free webhosting services for clients.

You can also find other free web hosting services through the following ways;

Search Engines

Typing the right keyword on search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. will reveal an endless free web hosting options. But wisdom is important as most are just bait to lure unsuspecting users, who will not be able to walk away after they have been roped in.

Ask Friends

It is always advisable to ask friends who are tech savvy for their opinions. Friends who own a blog or know someone who own a blog can recommend the best web hosting service for you and their recommendations are often genuine since there is often no strings attached.

Check out Tech Websites and Forums

Some websites which provides technical tips and help on web design, blogging, SEO etc. also provide info on the best web hosting service available. The advantage of these tech forums is that most of the users have tried out the web host recommended, so they know the pros and cons. They can give professional advice on security, privacy, page load time, traffic, etc. These info are usually not provided by the web host. But an army of techies will furnish you with the right info.

Social Media

Twitter can be a good place to find free web hosting services. Searching for the right hashtag e.g. #FreeWebHosting #WebHostingForFree can lead to tweets, accounts of web hosts, web designers, programmers and developers, and other users who have used or are currently enjoying free webhosting service.