A domain name od DNS as it is sometimes referred to are just the addresses given to web pages on the Internet. These are simply a way of identifying the page with an easy remember and recogniseable address so that visitors may find it. They also contain the IP address inside it, which most average users are not at all interested in and would not be able to remember anyway.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain names need to be clear, easy to spell, memorable and above all relate to the site. They are separated into three sections – the far left being the www section and is the machine name. Then comes the central part, which is the descriptor. The last part on the right is the parent domain or top level domain. Potential users need to understand that a URL is actually different to a domain name. the domain name is in fact just a small part of what makes up the overall URL of a page. The URL holds a lot more technical data than the domain name does. A domain name should also not be confused with an IP address. In simplified terms a domain name can be referred to as the nickname of the page.

Register a domain

How to get registered

It is important to have a domain name that is self-owned. If a user ever changes their web hosting then the name will move along too. A domain name gives credibility to a business, it can describe the business in more detail and just creates a respectable feel to the page as a whole.

To get registered, first the user must head to a domain name site. Many names are taken already so it is necessary to search and make sure that name is available along with the required parent domain. Bear in mind that often popular parent domains such as .com and .org may already be taken. Once the name has been found and selected it is a simple process to pay to own the name with the domain provider. During this process users will be required to fill out a number of details, which will be used to register the domain name. settings can be set to private or left public though this means that anyone checking a domain register will be able to see all name and email details.