Web hosting is a vital part of the Internet. Without web hosting visitors would be unable to view and access sites. As such it is very important that host providers maintain a high level of professionalism alongside affordability. Here are the top ten web hosting sites for 2017

What Makes a Good web hosting service?

With so many sites available to choose from it is important that potential customers know what they need to look for to make the right decision. Obviously pricing is a priority but after that it is important to know how the service will perform for the website. First and foremost is uptime, it is important that there is little to no times when the website it unavailable. Speed or loading time is also important as potential visitors to the site will get impatient of waiting too long for graphics to load and may move elsewhere. Lastly, customer support. Good customer support will involve a rapid response time and also comprehensive and helpful answers to the questions.

The Top Ten

The following companies are deemed to be the best companies for this year all based on the above-mentioned criteria. They will give potential clients the best service possible for the best price.

First up is Hostgator Cloud. It sits at number one due to its excellent all-round ability, low prices at just 2.99 per month and also the exceptional speed provided by the customer service team. In addition, buying a domain here is free. A close second is A2 Hosting with the best load time out of the listed sites. Siteground is the third ranked company due in large part to the excellent customer support they provided. In fact it is probably the best and features highly knowledgeable staff with particular reference to the WordPress features.

These next sites all offer excellent resources and services but just don’t quite match up to the top three. Nevertheless they still offer outstanding features and clients may prefer these options. Fat Cow offers a slightly less than average uptime but offers fair and cheap pricing. Rather average, it has a tendency to add extra fees so beware. Arvixe and Blue Host also offer slightly slower loading speed and also rather slow customer service. The cheapest option out there is iPage. Many people’s favourite due to the favourable prices but remember, cheap is not always cheerful and the uptime leaves something to be desired.

Hostgater Shared is a sister product to the top rated Hostgator Cloud. The cheaper version, it shows though the uptime is still better than that of most, the load time is rather slow. The last two on the list are Web Hosting Pad and Web Hosting Buzz. Both of these sites have rather slow load times, poor uptimes and only satisfactory customer service. The pricing plans for both are not competitive so there is no draw here. Potential clients are much better off choosing one of the other previously mentioned options.